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With the latest release of the reputation supervisor we can help Automotive Dealers with the Management of your good Reputation. Now you will be notified when someone posts online. Reputation supervisor sends you email alerts and keeps you updated as reviews post. 

We monitor many reputation sites and notify you of posts both good and bad. This allows you to interact with your customers in real time and respond to positive reviews and address negative reviews.

Reputation Management in todays world is realtime and Email notification to up to 3 email addresses per account will keep you in the loop.

It's simple to use login it displays current rating, Green = movement up Red= Movement down the number of reviews, and date of the last post.


Reputation Manager

When you click on the number of reviews you see the most recent posts.

Reputation Supervisor


Why Reputation Management is Important.

Many business come up in google thousands of times a month. Most car dealers have there reviews looked at from 5000 times in a small market to 40000 times in a mid sized city. Its the Zemot Moment of truth for your brand. How do you look?

Google now says that over 22% of consumers engage business's in local. Are you in the consideration set? Most-likely not if your below 3 stars. As a consumer we look at perspective products and services based of product or consumer reviews. Start Managing your reputation Today!