How can you afford to not monitor your reputation online?

Ignorance has caused many people to lose profitable businesses since they choose not to listen to the needs of the people. As they say, the clients are the ones with the ability to make or break the name of the business. With the introduction of online sites, social media applications and reviews, many business owners do not take the time to follow on the reputation of the company. The online monitoring management aims to give the company the good reputation and shield the bad publicity. Some of the sites are geared towards hate speech but when one takes the time to respond to the comments, it gets clear and people trust the company.

  • The online reputation management involves following up on the trends of the social network site, reviews and blogs and find out what other people are saying about the company. At times, the image gets worse since the reception is poor and this is portrayed on the social sites. With good and professional online reputation management, the company takes time to highlight the plight and the needs of the clients, apologizes, and takes stern action.
  • The people have the power to break the image of the company especially when they use the authoritative sites. According to recent research, the monitoring management companies have changes the situation by portraying good feedback on the image of the company and this makes it look appealing and creates growth. When there is no online monitoring and assessment by the company, people will continue to issue comments of ignorance and bad management about the company and this leads to the downfall.
  • It is crucial for the business owners to have different channels of marketing the company. One of them is through social, media monitoring which aims to give good online reputation and image of the company. Some of the social sites have discussion panels and give both sides of the divide to clarify on issues regarding the company. Some of them are matters regarding the products, customer care while others deal with the management of the company. When such issues are highlighted, it is the duty of the company to take action and time to answer the needs of the people in a professional manner.
  • Most of the big businesses find it harder to monitor the different online sources. When they hire the professional online monitoring companies, they end up getting good reviews, positive content, and good publication. At times, the company may offer poor services and people storm the online sources to post the comments and publish blogs regarding the incident. When they hire the online reputation management firms, they hit back with responses regarding the issue at hand, issue press releases, and most importantly take time to write more positive comments about the company and the progress. This does not happen overnight, since the image of the company is at stake but with clear and professional guidelines, the monitoring company, will reclaim the image of the business.

When the company does not take time to look at the online sites, they risk highly, and this leads to trust issues with the company. When an article is published in the media, people tend to comment about it online, giving their reasons, views, and judgment. Through monitoring the different sites, the company has the chance to rectify, by giving reasons to the public.


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Automotive Reputation Management now

Automotive reputation management: Why does gross go up when Car dealers learn to manage their reputation? Maybe it’s because consumers can see their positive press! Dealers are normally the bad guys right?

Dealers do not worry about reputation as much as they should. They have always bought it. Sponsoring charity events and making donations. However, in today’s world, daily reputation management is THE single most important function a dealer can do.

Remember when C.S.I. was tied to trunk money? It did not take long for dealers to start buying surveys. A tank of gas, floor mats or the first service were gifts we were willing to give away to gain that survey. We would even mail it for them!

Manufacturers quickly adjusted and altered the program and found ways to monitor the email surveys. Today you have to earn it or lose money.

Evolution will see a move to the online arena. Review sites are continually working on monitoring your reviews. Weeding out the planted internal reviews and forcing us to become better at customer relations.

Let’s face it; Reputation Management is a new position, much like the Internet marketing position created over the last five years. The Challenge – are you an early or late adopter? Early adopters all have a hundred plus reviews on most of the review sites out there. The late adopters have 2 stars and want their friends to write something nice about them. Let’s go….create the position!

To be frank, most reviews are accurate when you look at them from the consumers’ perspective, and most rate a business a 1 or a 4.5. Where do you want to be? I have been on the review band wagon with auto dealers for over 3 years now working on identifying problem processes and trying to correct the action in the dealership. You CAN gain ground and turn this around in a few months.

If you need help contact us. We have programs, tools, and call center programs that can get you engaged and in front of your competition.


Review Suppression Takes Center Stage for Automotive Dealers

Grand Pacific Media: Review Suppression Takes Center Stage for Automotive Dealers

Dealerships Are Finding That the Majority of Their Customers Visit the Lot on the Basis of Online Reviews.

Managing These Online Reviews Is More Vital Now Than Ever Before; In response to Google’s Panda consumers now look online first.

In today’s market place anyone who has ever shopped for a car knows that car dealerships are hardly in short supply. In every city you now have standout dealers, lets face it every city has its fair share of car dealerships, and at the end of the day they all sell the same vehicle.  A Nissan, Ford or Chevrolet is the same vehicle at any of the dealerships.


Across the country or across town when consumers can connect the dots it make a huge impact. Example you do the search for Nissan Dealer in Las Vegas. You will see one store in control and also selling 60% of the Nissan vehicles in the city. The other has seen better days and one who has never paid attention to the reviews and even though he’s in the heart of the population only sells 10% of the cars in that market.  The stores all look the same with new Nissan fronts however, the reputation is tied to the search and when you align up the stores one has 100 reviews and maintains 4 stars the other is 3.5 at 40 reviews ad the last 10 at 2 stars.

 Automotive Reputation Management

How does the consumer choose which store to visit? Dealers would like to think its his last great ad on TV and Radio ITS NOT the consumer goes to Google Yahoo or Bing and does a search. The rest is easy. According to a recent article from an auto dealership industry publication, the answer is through reading online reviews. The article notes that, for a few dealerships, online reviews account for the majority of showroom or walk in. While this is obviously good news for dealerships that have positive reviews, those with negatives reviews might find it difficult to get buyers to the store. As a result, more and more auto dealerships are turning to Reputation Supervisor.


The importance of reputation management services in the auto dealership industry is argues to overstate. The print even goes as far as to say that “reputation management sells more cars than any other [online marketing strategies].”


The author of the article recommends that auto dealers take full advantage of the positive reviews they accrue on sites like, sharing them with potential customers via Facebook and Twitter.  I will say that I don’t believe that Twitter or facebook do much of anything for a dealership but the reviews “nothing is more important”.

While this is an effective strategy for dealers with across-the-board positive online reviews, not every car lot is so lucky. For those struggling against bad reviews, reputation management provides viable options for combating bad publicity. In fact, one of the main Products offered by reputation management firms, known as review suppression, can help business owners in any industry regain control of their online reputation, fighting back the corrosive impact of negative reviews.

Reputation Supervisor, notes that, while ugly reviews cannot be deleted unless inaccuracies are verifiable review suppression is the next best thing.

“The unfortunate reality of the Internet is that there is no reset button, no way to erase or take back bad reviews. Once they are out there, they are out there However, business owners are hardly without hope. “Reputation Supervisor can offer the most advanced strategies in review suppression. What that means is that we create content that presents a business positively, couple it with strong SEO, and inundate the search engines. We can effectively make those negative reviews non-existent, pushing them to the bottom of a Google search.”

However, the reputation management strategist is quick to note that this is not only true of car dealerships.


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