Automotive Reputation Management tips tricks


Automotive Reputation management is something the automotive sector has ignored for several years, they were looking at facebook because thats all the sector could find to sell.

My gift to you. Facebook is a great strategies when hireling salesmen and if the have a large following you will find they can sell a lot of cars to thier base. Load up an offer have them explain the sell cars to their  base. Its the only way i have found to actully sell cars on facebook

Dealers spend to much time playing follow the 20  group presentation the guy with the best pitch. I can tell you that reputation management is the single most important marketing componet in today’s ad spend. Tv nor print or radio can overcome a negative reputation. You need to wake up! Pinch yourself and go do a search for your dealership online. What do you see ripoff report citysearch insiderpages or google reviews? Which ever you see take five minutes and read what your customers think of your management team.  If your style of selling needs changed change it. You need to be customer first minded. After all is that not what csi is? Answer absolutely.

If your doors are still open and you have a bad reputation I am surprised. You still then have time to fix it. Call us today at GPM we and help. With reputation monitoring, reputation phone calls where we ask your customers to write reviews or publishing your reviews on our reputation websites where we can framanswered reviews on your website.

We guarantee increased stars in a short time even  I reflect back over the last year and look at large groups who invested heavily in DEALERRATER!   They were ahead of the curve and should now be able to grab google places We have come to expect big things from the silicon valley giant google and they have again delivered, from panda who’s ability to read and rate sites has been fast and on the spot. Never before has a computer learned to make decisions so quickly. And now the old look with a face lift in places google repossesses the space turns up adwords express and places adwords within it.. The stock will climb from this one.

In today’s market google had reported a 22% engagement in the local its places segment which is a tremendous Engagment number. With those staggering numbers would you expect anything less?
Google owns searches and were listing review sites like YELP, yahoo,Superpages and City Search all pulling traffic with negative reviews. Now with google using the section to display adwords and reducing the other sights to a link on the bottom of the page. What value will the have?
I  Am sure they will make an SEO effort however with the consumes engaged in the places listing it will be hard for the yelps and dealerraters of the world to gain back the traffic lost when google optimized places for them selves. Most likely they will now commence on an ad campaign to create a brand awareness like Carfax and Autotrader both  spend heavily on tv ads. Tv most likely will be the target.
Dealer who use These ad sources should consider the outcome if they succeed. It’s for sure going to cost more.
As for yelp who filters positive and only posts negative let them die. Your back in control let’s embrace google by sending our customers to post where it counts. They have reconfigured the site and your customers can easily post now.
Happy Selling