Auto Reputation Management 101

Why Reputation is so important to a Car Dealership.


When you purchase or consider a business for purchasing an item at you always go to the search engines. Why?  Simple they are the Yellow Pages and Newspaper of today and you can obtain a great deal of information just by running a quick search.  If your looking to purchase a vehicle you most likely will do the search for Brand + City when in the lower funnel and ready to buy today.

As a dealer this is the single most important search to be in for a variety of reasons. First and foremost as a competitor this is where your compared to your competition. They can see the your reviews stars and ranking on the page. This is also THE SEARCH when shoppers are ready to buy.


So when your looking for a few more car sales Grand Pacific Media can show you one step at a time how to manage your reputation and monitor posts as they happen giving you time to respond and or repair the message.


GPM Automotive Reputation Management