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With our vast experience in watching traffic in the within dealerships we know how to market your brand properly online. We send traffic to your website who shops for 3, 4 or 5 minutes while they are in the lower funnel or the ready to buy phase. We make sure your marketing message is clear and we deliver them to your front door. Understanding that 75% of Internet shoppers never call fills out a form or lead, they simply walk in. Our Nissan case study in Las Vegas was a learning time for us as we blogged, posted to local review and updated the website message weekly.

The number one influencer according to an Autotrader telemarketing survey of 500 buyers was the dealerships website over all other sources. Main reason the Nissan dealerships Website according to the mid June Autotrader survey that Chip Perry, President of Auto Trader delivered to Tony Giorgione President of Grand Pacific Media Inc. The reason is simple GPM updates there TV ad weekly along with placing our marketing campaign message at the top of home page in one of the first banners. This sends a clear message to the shopping public that is clear and concise. Call us for more information and let us show you the way.

United Nissan Case Study

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E-Mail Marketing for Dealers.

"At GPM we are believers in email marketing." Especially when it moves customers forward we have many template emails designed with specific calls to action. Currently you probably have some 3 party service company making call because your staff does a poor job. We can show you tools and support them with email messages. Call us for complete details today. You will be glad you did.



Email Sales Message

Here is a template we delivered on july 15 for the weekend
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