Google United Nissan Case Study.

What GPM has done with United Nissan is Clean All Search Pages making sure unapproved companies do not display under United Nissan. You would call those companies poachers. Explanation- It's like the lead companies stand in your front door charging people who are here to see you $21 to go through the door.

Consider this - Why would you want anyone aside from yourself to come up in search under your name. Our belief is to only allow your top 2 or 3 classified listing companies to show.After all most dealers top search is thier name with this tecnique you are in control of the most important page on the web. We provide services that take care of all the details in organizing your search.

United Nissan Case Study Google search for United Nissan.

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We can fix your feeds and make sure your reputation is un-tarnished.

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The Power of Email and Video.

Social Media

Leveraging Social Media for car guys.
Are you a car dealer trying to figure out how to best leverage your 3rd and 4th quarter marketing plan to take advantage of social media?

Everyone, including your neighbors, has a Facebook page. Your peers, desk managers and ISMs are constantly urging you to set-up a Twitter account.

You also hear the words Bebo¯ and Digg¯ tossed around in conversation. There is so much confusion on your part, and you really don't know where to turn. Look no further.

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