Why Grand Pacific Media Inc.
"Catch the Wave"

Our primary focus is our Dealer clients. We recognize you are on the Automotive front lines each and every day. We will maximize your performance by providing innovative, strategic digital marketing solutions to better allow you to do what you do best-sell and service your customers.

We will integrate and improve each component of this new era: Website Development, CRM, SEO, SEM Banner Branding, Social Media and Email Targeting. This will seamlessly allow your Dealership to harness and engage their power in cost efficient fashion.

Our mission is your Reputation online.

Grand Pacific Media will market and promote your brand through the most dynamic digital media channels at reduced cost. and will evaluate your current media allocation, platform, and process, employing a strategy to eliminate ad waste, improve organic search results and your social standing while refining the process that funnels inquiries into customers.

We fix damaged reputations for a living. You will get the most up to date monitoring tools, word tracks and reputation clean up team. We manage every aspect of your reputation from training to posting sites and more. Get your evaluation today.

Tony Giorgione

Tony GiorgioneTony Giorgione Founder - Tony sits on multiple automotive boards, dealer panels and advisory councils with companies like Chrysler, Kelley Blue Book, JD Power, Cars.com and Auto Remarketing. He has been working in the retail side of automotive for over 20 years. Recognized as an industry leader in "Digital Marketing", he prides himself in always staying on top and ahead of technologic change.


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