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GPM starts with a free evaluation of your page one status on all major search engines. Then out team strategizes on what opportunity in the way of traffic might be in play. We have an advantage as our vast experience in tracking search phrases thru CRM’s to vehicles sold is the only one of its kind. Next our skilled SEO team designs a unique link building strategy to move your site up in search. Almost overnight you see movement and progress. Unlike most we don’t stop there, our automotive SEO product team also optimizes images and alt tags to achieve the highest and quickest lift possible.

We are not a platform website company we add fresh and creative readable content many search engines feed on our words. Our ethics and techniques are the highest best practices in the industry. We continually add custom content, making it harder for the competition.

GPM SEO tools help you understand what we are doing. With the unique over view toll you see all search phrases we are tracking and what position you’re in with that search. Our automotive SEO does not stop there; we also adjust the metadata and content for volume searches phrases in Service, Parts and Sales. After all that we take our automotive blog network and build deep inbound links to you website using anchor text links. This will achieve the quickest boost to your SEO.

With our diverse brands and dealership base we are able to know and understand which searches create the most conversions to sales. No more are you in the blind, also by tying your CRM to your website we are able to ROI every search phrase.

Grand Pacific Media SEO Monitoring Tools keep you in front of the rest. We have a complete set of web search tracking for car dealers so you are always in front of the rest. Here is a screen shot.


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